Mountain Itineraries

After we receive guest from the airport we go direct to the hotel which is booked.
On the way to the hotel we will talk and explain briefly about Tanzania and its safaris and where the guest are heading to and show the residential surroundings and the neighborhood of the hotel. Immediately after we arrive to the hotel we provide the whole schedule about tomorrow and the whole safari.

Treking to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Up early in the morning, after breakfast this is where you will meet your guide and explain in brief about the whole trip. Your guide will be responsible for everything from the beginning to the end of the trip and for any excuse or questions you will ask him. Soon as the trip starts with your professional guide he will explain a lot about the mountain principles where the first principle is to drink a lot of water at least 3 or 4 litres per day to prevent dehydration which may cause headache and nausea. The second principle is to eat much as you can at the beginning so as to get enough energy, if you reach to high altitudes you will loose appetite.
The third principle is to walk slowly (pole pole) this will help slow gaining of altitude changes.

After reaching at any camp or hut you will be provided with tea or coffee to keep you warm and snacks. And before dinner the guide will take you for climatization, you will go at least 200 meters this will help you to have a comfortable sleep at night.
At the camp/hut you will have different activities such as playing games like cards, and having a lot of different stories with the guide and assistant guides also learning Tanzanian culture example Kiswahili Language and songs

Why are we summiting at night?

We prefer summiting at night rather than afternoon because the sand on the path freezes at night this help in easy walking and at night stars and moon are easily and closely seen. Also walking at night is more easier than noon because of sweating which makes you that to see the early sunrise when you reach at the top. But it is also possible to summit at the morning or day time.

At the end you will be awarded with certificate for summiting and a lot of congratulations and songs from KILI HIKE ADVENTURES team.
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